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Sean 1 day ago

West Coaster

Absolutely fantastic! Generously-sized patty on a perfectly toasted brioche bun. The avocado was an excellent touch.

Nreilly72 5 days ago

Moorpark Road

This makes a yummylicious sundae with fudge andd whipped cream and chopped almonds!

Mccombja 7 days ago


Awesome place great help and very welcoming

Jennifer 8 days ago

Vanilla Berry Crisp

I have had the vanilla berry crisp ice cream several times, it's always delicious. Also last summer/fall they had a seasonal peach sorbet which was really amazing. Never disappointed here!

Jenlthomps 9 days ago


What a great treat in these stressful times! They made it easy with online ordering & curbside pick up. I've been needing a pick me up lately & this definitely brightened my evening without any added stress for being out. We love a classic double scoop with coffee & strawberry (best strawberry hands down) & the peanut butter fudge malt. The portions are large so we are able to freeze them for later as well. I'd recommend them for anything from a quick, delicious scoop to a bday celebration to take home for the family. They also have a hearty food menu if you've been cooking too much & need a break.

Amber 9 days ago

Cookie Dough

It's a classic flavor, but they do it so well! The ice cream just melts in your mouth-- I'm not talking about the temperature of it either, haha! The flavors work together so well, and it's creamy but not too heavy... you haven't had real cookie dough if you haven't had LC cookie dough!!!

Amber 9 days ago

Sweet Potato Wedges

OH MAN soooooo good!!! I would eat these every day if I could! Whenever I can I go for the sweet potato wedges with my burgers or sandwich!!!

Tc908 13 days ago

Lavender Blueberry

Love this place! The product and the people are so sweet! I've enjoyed mouthwatering meals on their lovely patio many times. The sweet potato fries are the best in town. Both locations conveniently serve the best ice cream in California, The owners are community minded and generously support all the schools in the Conejo Valley. We are fortunate to have a restaurant of such outstanding quality in our town. Thank you Little Calf Creamery and all the staff for serving us, we are grateful!

Klynnf86 14 days ago

Bleu Onion

Little Calf Creamery is THE BEST! I discovered this gem a few years back, and have since been back countless times. My coworkers all know that anytime they let me pick our lunch spot, we are going to Little Calf! My go-to is the Bleu Onion burger, with a portabello subbed out for the meat. There are so many good options here for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike! I also canct usually resist the churro balls, either -- and don't forget the dipping sauce!! Oh, and the ice cream. Good lord. So many delicious and unique flavors. AND banana splits and affagados!! Just can't say enough good things about this place. Yum!

Pinkshake 15 days ago

Banana Split

Absolutely love this tasty treat. We always ask for roasted marshmallows on top. The ice cream always tastes so creamy and freshly made. Yummy!!!

Emily 15 days ago

Sweet Potato Wedges

Holy cow!!! (Get it?!?! Hahahahaha!) My two girls and I have been coming here very regularly for ice cream (milk and cookies and seasonal Cal Moo are our favorites... double-scoops, in cones) since LC first opened. In fact, LC ice cream is now considered a dietary staple in our household! Today, we ordered lunch and ice cream to go using their online ordering! My girls ordered their usual, one kid's cheeseburger and one kid's veggie patty cheeseburger, both with sweet potato wedges. Ate every bite, claiming, "This is the best thing I've ever had!!!" I ordered the seasonal Veggie Stack sandwich, perfectly marinated and grilled veggies with GOAT CHEESE GOODNESS on a ciabatta bun!!! It was ALL CAPS SO GOOD!!! I hope this special becomes a menu staple!! Paired it with a side of LC's signature glorious sweet potato wedges, and you better believe my belly was happy!!! For dessert, we each ordered a double-scoop of our favorite ice cream (milk and cookies, and my little one switched it up by adding a scoop of mint chip) along with waffle bowls. Their cones are fantastic, but I didn't know how I'd drive home with three cones intact, so we tried out the bowls! Fortunately, the folks at LC are brilliant and packaged everything so that the ice cream was separate from the bowls!!! Take out win!!! We will be ordering takeout from LC from now on!!! Or at least until we can venture outside and be social once again!!! Support your local small businesses!!! Eat at Little Calf!!! Often!!! Your belly and soul will thank you!

Dnovakovic04 17 days ago


Probably the best ice cream and waffle cone I have ever had. We came here for lunch at first and now we come back for ice cream every weekend for a treat. Can't compare the flavors and ESPECIALLY the waffle cone to any other ice cream maker out there. I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream....

Sydneyflamm 21 days ago

Goat Cheese and Spinach

Very delicious! The sweet onion dressing is divine, and everything pairs together so nicely!

Taelorjuneybug 26 days ago

Lavender Blueberry

The lavender blueberry ice cream is absolutely delicious. It's so refreshing and light. I crave it all the time. An all-time favorite!

Glenndadonate 28 days ago

Goat Cheese and Spinach

This Salad is UNBELIEVABLE. Tangy, Savory, Sweet... it has it all. It's fresh, unique combinations of flavors will keep you coming back for more. I often just crave this salad and have to visit Little Cafe to fulfill my craving. And hey, while I'm there... a scoop of amazing ice cream is a must.

Phorcourt about 2 months ago

Banana Burnt Sugar

Our family loves this place! My dad has been at Los Robles hospital recovering from a stoke so you have been a frequent stop for us. The service is some of the best around. Everything we have tried has been delicious. I love the grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. My daughter loves a burger and fries and my husband the meat loaf sandwich. We have fallen in love with the burnt banana ice cream but all the flavors we have tried did not disappoint. We also love the question cards on the table. It has been a great way to stay stay connected with each other and have some great conversations.

Minimegan about 2 months ago

Banana Burnt Sugar

This ice cream is unique and phenomenal. Like all their specialty flavors, I'll be sad to see it go!

Tantesandra about 2 months ago

Lavender Blueberry

SUPER YUM!! The BEST Lavender Blueberry ice cream. Very creamy, not too sweet and VERY generous portions!!!

Vlaw68 2 months ago

Cookie Dough

Delicious, thick and creamy with loads of chunky cookie dough. Possibly the best cookie dough ice cream I've had. Pairs well with cinnamon waffle cone.

Kchavezconejousd 2 months ago

Lavender Blueberry

It had an extremely interesting taste that stimulated my taste buds more with every spoonful. The Lavender and Blueberry flavors combined to make an almost perfect synergy. However, what must be said is that the Lavender was a bit too overbearing, which caused the ice cream like that of a bath bomb. Overall, it was a delicious dessert that leaves me wanting more and more.

Lauraghall 4 days ago

"LC" Chips

Oh my gosh! I thought their ice cream was great, their food is off the charts! We fed a family of 5 different items for everyone and all said their dish was fantastic! Sweet potato fries, and grilled cheese and burgers were all delicious 😋

Hkmitchell 6 days ago

Lemon Basil Sorbet

We ordered 4 cups of this flavor and we all loved it!!!! This place is so creative and will definitely be a weekly ice cream place for our family!

Lunafms 8 days ago

Mint Chocolate Chip

One time, when going to Little Calf Creamery, I got the mint chocolate chip ice cream as a malt shake. It was so good! I have been to Little Calf countless times, and they have never failed to give me a good meal and dessert.

Mint 8 days ago

Grilled Cheese

The grilled cheese here is amazing!! I paired it with their tomato soup - also great - for my meal. If you want a classic soup-sandwich combo, have it here! I also had their vanilla berry crisp ice cream as a shake. That's one of their best flavors in my opinion.

Amber 9 days ago


They make SUCH GREAT shakes!!! I'm more of an ice cream fan, but my little brother is obsessed with shakes, and he especially loves their milk & cookies shake!! You gotta try it! It's super thick and delicious 😍

Amber 9 days ago

Dublin Cream

Bought a pint & got one free on St. Patty's Day!!! Absolutely delicious flavor, not too strong but not too subtle. Will definitely be sad when this flavor's gone!

Itlnqt 10 days ago

Peanut Butter Fudge

Little Calf makes the best ice cream in the Conejo Valley! Our family enjoys the delicious food like the LC burger. We are proud to recommend Little Calf Creamery and Cafe. Thanks for continuing to provide take out and curb side service with a smile during this global crisis.

Maganda007 13 days ago

Milk and Cookies

So good! Look forward to eating every time I'm in TO. Got a free pint of Dublin Cream on St. Patty's Day! Yum!

Takeonemgmt 14 days ago

Classic "LC" Burger

I've been to the Little Calf several times and always bring family and friends who have never eaten here. Everyone has loved the food and ice creams. Those who live nearby have thanked us for introducing them to the LC and have returned since their initial visit. I love the Classic Burger with the veggie patty and french fries. So good. Last time, my husband and I split having the Vanilla Berry Crisp. So delicious!! We always split dessert as we are too full from the main meal. In one word, the LC is Yummy!!!! Never disappointed. Thank you, Susan

Tracybiglin 15 days ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

Little Calf is a family favorite! When I asked my kids which restaurant they wanted to support for "Takeout Tuesday" during the Covid-19 shutdowns, they unanimously shouted "Little Calf"! Nothing is unanimous in our household, so this was a monumental moment. Well done Little Calf Creamery!! Every dish we have ordered has been delicious!!! Thank you!

Sacollege 16 days ago

Turkey Brie Melt

Our Family Loves the Little Café! You are our treat and we all enjoy the quality food and of course, your conversation starters. Specifically, I really enjoy the Turkey Brei Melt on the lightly toasted bread. What a quality sandwich! Of course your fries are to-die-for and your homemade potato chips are stunning as well. We always look forward in dining at your café. Steve A.

Annabelle 19 days ago

Moorpark Road

I love little calf creamery! I once visited the Thousand Oaks location a few years back, but I went again recently and tried Moorpark Road (ice cream) flavor and wow! The way the ice cream is not super overpowering chocolatey with the perfect amount of marshmallows makes it the perfect quick scoop if you're feeling chocolate.

Jp2thdr 24 days ago

Turkey Brie Melt

Our favorite! We may be stuck in a rut, but its a delicious rut. The sweet potato fries that come with it are killer.

Nadiahn 28 days ago

Salmon Sandwich

One of my all time favorites is the little calf salmon sandwich. A healthy dose of fish, coleslaw and the fresh tasting bun makes it one of my lunchtime favorites. Comes with the home made chips which are to die for!

Anne about 1 month ago

Fresh Strawberry

Little Calf has my favorite ice cream of all time! I always order either the strawberry or the milk and cookies (and you definitely have to try their waffle cones!!) I'm from Hawai`i but I had Little Calf when I was a student at Cal Lutheran and I instantly fell in love. Now that I've graduated and have moved back home to Hawai`i, I still dream of the ice cream and the next time I'll be able to have some. I'm currently at work with a tab open on "how to mail ice cream" if that gives any insight as to how much I love this ice cream. Thank you Little Calf for all the great memories eating your delicious ice cream with my friends and family. Also, please consider starting to mail your ice cream or opening a shop here on `Oahu. <3

Theresacorinne about 2 months ago


I absolutely love the affogato! The almond milk chocolate ice cream is my favorite non-dairy ice cream in town - top it off with fresh espresso and it doesn't get much better than that!

Beadnstars about 2 months ago

Grilled Cheese

Surprise! Never thought I'd say this about a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, BUT Yes, I was surprised that it was delicious! The three cheese and tomato combination was just right!

Sidcheer 2 months ago

Vanilla Bean

So good

Jennavizcardo 2 months ago

Sweet Potato Wedges

The most amazing wedges and place ever! In love!

Jsavage485 2 months ago


Lemon basil sorbet is delicious and very refreshing on a warm day.


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