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Thejbe3 8 days ago

"LC" Chips

The burger at little Calf was made to perfection! no place in Thousand Oaks has a Burger this killer!

Jonrivera92 25 days ago

Tuna Salad Sandwich

I just want to start off by saying that tuna would be the last thing that I would get at any restaurant, but when I first tried the tuna sandwich at little calf I was blown away. The secret seasoning and mixture of ingredients used in that salad leaves me feeling full yet light. The tuna is not watery and very savory. I recommend it to all of my friends, especially with the sweet potato fries. I don't wanna take the attention away from the tuna sandwich but those sweet potato fries are amazing as well. Much love to the establishment as well, I've seen how much it's grown and I love seeing that same great service that first invited me in. I'm excited to see the new location

Bevjgarcia about 1 month ago


Had the hot fudge sundae. It was so scrumptious! Dripping with hot fudge, whipped cream, and nuts!

Tinasurvey about 1 month ago

Simon's Club

This is the absolute BEST club sandwich you will ever have!!! Super fresh ingredients of the highest quality!! Crisp bacon, creamy avocado.... you can't get much better! And the ice cream here is to die for! So creamy and homemade!

Mpdavoren about 2 months ago

Classic Cobb with Chicken

Love, love love this salad! It's so rare to find a salad that is so fresh. The lettuce is crisp, the chicken is delicious and they are generous with the bacon, bleu cheese, egg and avocado. The house vinaigrette is the perfect complement to this salad.

Bigbmerville about 2 months ago

Simon's Club

Amazing service and a very tasty sandwich. A little on the pricey side but I will say it is worth the money as the portions are big.

Carmen 2 months ago

Tuna Salad Sandwich

As a person that loves tuna sandwiches, I can say this is one of the best sandwiches I've had in a long time. My coworkers and I love this food.

Tetia 2 months ago

Portabello Mushroom

I love coming to the Little Calf Creamery! Everything I've tried is amazing!! My absolute favorite is the Portabello Mushroom Sandwich! I usually get the fries too and they're cooked perfectly. And of course it's great to finish things off with a scoop or two of their delicious ice cream! So happy to have discovered this place and I'm sure anyone who tries it will find something they love too!

Calebcohen97 2 months ago

Classic Cobb with Chicken

Literally the best salad I've had in years. I took out the tomatoes and changed the blue cheese to paramasan and it was incredible. I frequently The burgers and milkshakes and I cannot find a place that does it better. Have been going since it opened and will continue to go!

Ohbabyj 2 months ago

Bleu Onion

Had mine with chicken and seriously amazing. Just left and already craving another. Super appreciated that they cooked the chicken exactly as I had requested.

Lundgrn 3 months ago

Portabello Mushroom

I love portobello mushrooms. This sandwich fit the bill. My husband had the Classic burger. We really appreciate the varied kids menu. Our 2 grandsons each found something they wanted. And, of course, all 4 of us had the very generous serving of ice cream for dessert (2 Dark Chocolate Cocoa Crunch & 2 Vanilla). We love Little Calf Creamery & Cafe. One of our grandsons calls it the Little Calf Full Belly Creamery .

Codymcvey 3 months ago

West Coaster

***Warning*** If you don't enjoy life-affirming moments, then skip passed this review. But, you're not going to skip this review are you? Because you love life-affirming moments, just like the rest of us. I've been going to Little Calf Creamy for their ice cream since they've opened. I've never been disappointed. It's their staple dish and they should be proud of the claim they've staked in this community as ice cream "afficianados". However, this review is not about their ice cream, but rather a burger on their menu I decided to try because I felt like being a little naughtier this evening. I tried their "West Coaster" burger and, as aforementioned above, I feel like all is right in the world. I don't know how a place that concocts such memorable ice cream is able to also grill a delicious burger, but LCC appears to be a jack of all trades. The ingredients were rather simple, but together, knock the dish out of the park. A simply grilled patty, with leaf lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, gruyere cheese, chipotle mayo and a dynamite sweet bun that I won't soon forget. One word: delectable. Simply put, Little Calf Creamery has been slaying the ice cream game in Ventura County, which is why I've been going there since they've opened. And, since it doesn't seem like they will be closing any time in the near future, it appears I will continue to gladly expand my waistline at their establishment.

Rebeccalamont13 3 months ago


Very good ice cream!

Amandaschoolaccount 3 months ago

Bleu Onion

One of my favorite burgers of all time! Absolutely love this place!!!

Jeremy 3 months ago

Chocolate Almond Milk

It was delicious and dairy free.

Heathetc 4 months ago

Farm Stand Greens

Great atmosphere, cute decor, friendly staff, and delicious food! I will be returning!

Kimc991 4 months ago

Goat Cheese and Spinach

This is my go to salad. I LOVE it. It's fresh, flavorful and filling. Having this amazing sald allows me to have any of the wonderful ice creams as a dessert without the guilt!

Amylynnyeager 4 months ago


The BEST ice cream shop in the Conejo Valley and I can feed the kids great food before stuffing them with ice cream!? Love this little shop! Great selection for adults and kids alike!

Lizmahoney1 4 months ago

Chocolate Almond Milk

As someone who has always loved chocolate ice cream, becoming lactose intolerant was something that was extremely hard for me! Sure they make decent ones you can buy in the store but you can almost NEVER get chocolate ice cream when your out! There's always fruit sorbets which are okay, but there's nothing better than chocolate ice cream and this place made it possible for me to get ice cream and fries again!! (OH YEAH their fries are perfect too!) definitely recommend to anyone out there who wants to enjoy chocolate ice cream without the discomfort!

Eyomantas 4 months ago

Milk and Cookies

I love the Milk and Cookies ice cream in a waffle cone! It's SO good and such a classic. I want to try something else every time I come but can't help it and get the same thing. We love Little Calf!

Kayla 22 days ago

The Grilled Chicken

The grilled chicken sandwich is absolutely delicious! ALWAYS FRESH. The pesto is by far my favorite- it has amazing flavor and is not overwhelming like some pesto I have had. The french fries are always fresh- you can tell the potatoes are fresh too and the ice cream flavors are out of the ordinary but the concept and flavor is there with every bite. Highly recommend this establishment.

Srhale about 1 month ago

Bleu Onion

Moooo! That means all good in Little Calf. We discovered this gem a few years ago, and it has become one of our favorite restaurants in the area. The Blue Onion is a great burger, but all the offerings are good. We also enjoy the turkey club. The sandwiches are large enough to share, and it is hard to choose between the homemade chips or fresh side salad. And of course the ice cream is superb. Great prices, friendly staff.

Maticakes4u about 1 month ago

Portabello Mushroom

Love all the food and definitely love the ice cream! Great family restaurant and excellent service!

Maticakes4u about 2 months ago

Bleu Onion

My favorite burger! Always cooked perfectly and delicious! Follow that with some ice cream and your belly will thank you!

Allygaul98 about 2 months ago

Milk and Cookies

This is the best cookies & cream ice cream ever!!!!

Vadbennett 2 months ago

Milk and Cookies

From the time it opened, we were immediately huge fans! The place is super cute, and the ice cream and food delish! We have eaten here several times and bring out if town guests here. The Milk and Cookies is hands down, the best flavor they make. The ice cream is creamy and either alone or in a sundae, a win win flavor. All their ice cream is served in mason jars..super cute! I wish they had frequent flyer stamped cards because we would certainly fill the stamps rather quickly! It's an awesome ice cream parlor that makes you feel like a kid again!

Molly 2 months ago

West Coaster

Really yummy - perfect combo of flavors! Paired nicely with Sea Salted Caramel ice cream for dessert : )

Dandersons 2 months ago

Classic Cobb with Chicken

I love me a Cobb salad. They did it well. The dressing was good. Do you ask for extra dressing.

Kristinstone110 2 months ago

Churro Poppers

Absolutely amazing!'

Willowvaldez 3 months ago

Build Your Own LC Cookie Sandwich

This ice cream sandwich was the best I have ever had!! I got this with chocolate chip cookies and my ice cream choices were peanut butter fudge and vanilla bean crisp. I loved it so much that after I ate it I bought 2 more to take home!! Thanks so much Little Calf!!

Megan 3 months ago

Classic Cobb with Chicken

Cobb salad from [*insert your choice of local Ventura County restaurant chain here*] : lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, sprinkle of cheese, two crumbs of bacon, more lettuce, one unripened tomato, ran out of avocado and forgot to tell you when you ordered, a little extra lettuce, and choice of dressing. Cobb salad from Little Calf Creamery: crisp crunchy lettuce, enough bacon to enjoy in each bite, bountiful amounts of fresh sliced egg, juicy tomato wedges, creamy bleu cheese crumbles, delicious seasoned chicken, all complemented by a richly flavorful balsamic dressing. Thank you, Little Calf, for restoring my love for my favorite salad. See you soon.

Dory 3 months ago

Classic Cobb with Chicken

The Cobb salad was super fresh and delicious!!! Plus you can't go wrong with the Salted Caramel ice cream. Our school just had a Family Food Night there and it was a hit!!! Another great thing is that the food comes out quickly.

Codystroud 3 months ago

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Truly delicious! Looking forward to having it again soon and to try a lot more of the menu items, everything sounds amazing!

Esposito4u 3 months ago

The California With Turkey

Love little calf! The turkey sandwich with Brie is the best! It also has a cranberry dressing that adds the extra special touch! I also really like that it comes with a fresh salad on the side! I highly recommend little calf, and my family enjoys the delicious ice cream and we really like supporting our local restaurants!

Zogo8784 3 months ago

Moorpark Road

Best type of rocky road ever!!!

Lucy 4 months ago

Simon's Club

Amazing sandwich and ice cream! Thank you! Will be back if I'm in the area.

Andreamassi88 4 months ago

Bleu Onion

The Bleu Onion burger is my go to! It's always cooked perfectly and the combo of blue cheese and arugula is perfection.

Boscoe999 4 months ago

Milk and Cookies

I get this every time I come with oreo crumbles on top. It's so creamy and rich while still being smooth, and you can taste the chocolate, milk, and oreo pieces mixed into it. By far my favorite.

Brianna 4 months ago

Chocolate Almond Milk

So creamy and delicious! One of my kids has a severe dairy allergy and we love being able to go to a regular restaurant with a group of people and be able to order a dessert for him that he can eat and loves!

Mdjkeefe 4 months ago

Vanilla Bean

Wonderful service and even better ice cream! I enjoyed my rather large scoop in the dining space at Little Calf. It was warm and welcoming. Would definitely recommend and hope to return soon!


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